pibo as round as he looks generally sociable with anyone, feels bored when he is alone.
His hobby is surfing internet and reading self-development books and he wants to share it with a friend. Do not surprised his thoughtfulness.
He is weak in heat and cold, has a fears height with attention
human friendly pibo
pibo with flowers


Cute robot always with you

features visual division background
  • 7:00

    morning alram

    Good morning ~ Wake up! No~ 5 minutes more~"
  • 8:00

    weather information

    Let me know the weather today. Today temperatures will be 86, humidity is expected to be high. And will be rainy so bring your umbrella. I don't, but you feel displeasure maybe.
  • 10:00

    schedule notification

    What is my schedule today? You have an appointment lunch with Jane at 13 o'clock! And then you have 3 hours.
  • 12:00

    home cctv

    (Notification) Motion detected. (Notification) You've got message from pibo.
  • 14:00

    emotional chat

    pibo, you're my best friend. Love you! I love you too ~
  • 16:00

    play the music

    Playing the music while I'm preparing dinner. A cloudy day like today, it's nice to listen piano music.
  • 18:00

    take a picture

    Take a picture my food! Say cheese (click)
  • 20:00

    voice diary

    Record the diary today" Tell me. I'll keep it for a long time.
  • 22:00

    sleep mode

    Good night! I sleep now, too! Goodbye~!



You can be anywhere with applications.

  • Share all your memories with photos, messages, events, and more from pibo via the app.
  • Use the app to send voice and text messages to your family via PiBo.
  • Add new features to your pibo via bot store.
  • pibo mobile app home menu
  • pibo mobile app photo menu
  • pibo mobile app schedule menu
  • pibo mobile app chat menu
  • pibo mobile app store menu

The same robot, better robot

클라우드 개발 툴로 파이보의 새로운 기능을 직접 만들 수 있습니다.
  • Apply your infinite ideas to pibo and share with your friends.
  • You can easily create speech recognition, face recognition, and robot control in the cloud.
  • You can control various objects such as printers, displays, and USB memory.


pibo front-side specification pibo back-side specification
  • namepibo
  • colorPure white
  • hardwareQuad-Core(1.4Ghz), 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage, WiFi
  • operationCirculus OS (Based on Linux)
  • movementHead-2, Arm-2, Hand-2, Leg-2, Foot-2 (Total 10dof)
  • displayOLED (chest, 128x64)
  • sound2 x 5W Speaker, MEMS Mic
  • camera5MP Camera (mouth)
  • sensorPIR Sensor(chest), Vibration sensor(head)
  • LEDRGB LED x 2 (eye)
  • extentionUSB port x 1
  • dimension250(w) x 395(h) x 125(d) mm
  • weight2.2 kg
  • comsumptionLi-ion 3400mAh (DC 12.6v, Required about 2 hours for full charge)
  • running2 hours (Waiting 5 hours)
  • appurtenancesAdaptor, Manual